The quick fix

One 30-minute video call for tips, exercises, and pain relief guidance

Pain Relief
We will talk about why your pain exists and how your posture influences it. Then, specific individual exercises will be given to best address your pain and ensure the fastest possible recovery.
Weight Loss
Get advice on the most efficient way possible to accelerate your weight loss journey. To maximize progress, nutrition advice and exercises are both included.
Muscle & Strength Gain
Guidance on how to best structure a program to maximize muscle gain, strength gain, or both. In addition, nutrition advice is offered.

…my goal is to see you succeed and enjoy the process

Who is it for?

Anyone who wants to try out my unique approach to fix pain quickly, improve their fitness, or any other goal you may have. Ultimately, I am here to help you with anything you need and my goal is to see you succeed and enjoy the process. Therefore, I offer unlimited messaging contact for a full week after our conversation so that we can ensure you get the most possible value out of the consultation.

What can I expect?

  • Overview of your goal. Do you want to fix pain quickly, gain strength and muscle, or be a better athlete?
  • Analysis of current exercise routine, posture, lifestyle habits, etc
  • How to best approach your goals
  • Takeaway exercises/tips for goal achievement
Quick Fix
30-minute video call
Advice on any goal
Three exercises for goal
Unlimited questions for one week