Get Strong

stop going nowhere and learn how to make endless strength gains


have you spent 3+ years lifting WEIGHTS only to make 1 year worth of progress?

Have you tried 3 different programs and are stuck with the same numbers you had last year?

Are you tired of wishing others would respect your strength?

I get it – you see others squatting three times their bodyweight and bench pressing 225 pounds like it’s nothing.

“What are they doing that I’m not?”

It’s easy to get stuck and plateau out after your first year of strength training. It requires a more precise approach after your “beginner phase” is over.

I understand your frustration, and I want to help you get strong.

However, I am not like other trainers. I aim to distinguish myself.

My holistic approach to developing strength, conditioning, postural integrity, and appropriate nutritional intake involves designing a work out program that utilizes various training elements that will keep you engaged and encouraged.

Therefore, as your online fitness trainer, I am passionate about seeing you succeed while you enjoy the process.

It is my main priority to solve your problem and give you the best possible tools for getting strong.

become stronger and more fit while feeling better than ever before

  • Gain as much strength as possible within your time-frame
  • Build muscle while we get you strong.
  • Ensure proper movement and form are developed to help you feel confident both structurally and physically

Through online fitness training, you no longer have to do the guess work. Science-backed programming with my deep knowledge of biomechanics will guide your journey towards getting as strong as possible.

Success within my online training asks you to be committed, consistent, and excited about achieving your goals through measured, progressive improvements. In return, I will ultimately equip you with the knowledge to understand your own body with the tools you need to be successful in your strength gain journey.

We will be in constant communication to ensure you are getting the most possible enjoyment, satisfaction, and results from your program.


It should be noted that the percentages of training time in the gym described below serve as a general reference for what to expect. Depending on your exercise goal, they may be subject to change.

  • In Phase 1, we will seek to realign your body and build a base so that you are the most efficient possible trainee, both in your posture and muscular frame. This is important to keep you healthy and feeling good. Good luck getting strong if you are injured. We can and will prevent that.
  • In addition, aerobic conditioning and exercises focused on improving general fitness will serve to build a base for future gains. This is essential to your progress. Think of it this way: If you have the aerobic capacity to last longer in workouts, you can do more reps and stimulate more muscle growth and strength.

Exercise Focus

Strength 60%
Aerobic Conditioning 20%
Restoring Posture 20%
  • Now, you have been realigned in your posture and have built a solid foundation of fitness. Following that, we can begin to make larger strides in building muscle and endurance so you can continue to get even stronger.
  • This phase will emphasize quality movement and hypertrophy (muscle building) to build upon the base we built in the previous weeks. A bigger muscle is a stronger muscle.

Exercise Focus

Muscle Building/Strength 70%
Aerobic Conditioning 20%
Restoring Posture 10%
  • After Phase 3, you have built muscle, and trained your body to maintain proper function in and out of the gym.
  • Now, we will focus on gaining strength through anaerobic (fast-twitch) muscular development while maintaining the aerobic adaptations we have already achieved. Fast-twitch cardio development will allow you to be more powerful as you get deeper into workouts, ensuring you can lift as much as possible every time you perform a set. This will ensure maximal strength development.

Training Focus

Muscle Building/Strength Gain 60%
Anaerobic Conditioning 30%
Aerobic Conditioning 10%
  • At this point, you big and strong. You have confidently progressed through the training cycle to reach the final state in which we will manipulate training variables to best reach your goal by the end of this phase.
  • In Phase 4, we will focus on explosiveness, power, and speed in order to finish off full development of your strength.

Training Focus

Strength Power 80%
Anaerobic Conditioning 15%
Aerobic Conditioning 5%
Sarah King
Former Client

Conor’s expertise with the human body is unmatched. The way in which he understands how pain works, why it happens, and how to solve it, is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. Without Conor’s help and his approach with PRI, I’m sure I’d still be stuck in the same place I was before I met him. It sure is hard to lose weight when you hurt all the time!! Not anymore. He is fun and engaging to work with, while also pushing me to go beyond what I thought I was capable of.

Mike Jones
Current Client

I’ve been working with Conor for about a year now and every minute of it has been great. In my experience, his knowledge of anatomy and biomechanics far surpass that of his peers. His focus is to be balanced between fitness and also performing movements correctly to avoid injuries. Each workout is simply fun and I leave each session feeling better and more aligned than when I entered it. Conor and I are always working as a team, supporting each other and having a few laughs. I’m more trim today than I ever thought possible, which ripples through into better golf scores and less exertion when working in the garden or other chores. Fitness with Conor has become an important part of my life.

David Robinson
Former Client

Conor is AMAZING!! Anyone who wants to lose weight should work with him. I felt helpless and afraid to start my weight loss journey, but Conor broke it down in a way that made me feel confident that I could do it. Now, I have lost 80 pounds and feel like my weight and knee issues aren’t limiting my life. 

Jonathan Whittle
Former Client

Conor has absolutely been one of the easiest and most communicative people I’ve ever worked with, personal trainer or otherwise. He brought me along my fitness journey starting with concepts I could really understand and build good habits with, and then he listened to everything I told him and helped build me a plan that actually made me excited to go to the gym. It truly feels like he is looking out for his clients at every turn, using his contagious passion for fitness to build us up.

Eric Bledsoe
Milwaukee Bucks
Point Guard

Conor is a great strength coach. He is very personable, motivating, and good at what he does. I always looked forward to working with him and I would highly recommend him.


My pricing is intentionally simplistic because no matter what package you choose, you will be getting the best possible online fitness training experience. However, if you want more frequent video calls for discussion regarding your program and want to maximize your strength gains through diet supplement planning, the Plus Package is for you.

Basic Package
Per Month
100% individualized programming
Unlimited messaging access
Nutrition integration
One 30-minute video call every 2 weeks
Plus Package
Per Month
100% individualized programming
Unlimited messaging access
Nutrition integration
One 30-minute video call every week
Diet supplement planning