14 Dec: Three Underrated Recovery Strategies


23 Nov: Why Everyone Should Have “Reaching” In Their Training

Reaching is one of the most important activities to have in any exercise or sports performance program. There, I said…


02 Nov: Why you Should be Comfortable Training Asymmetrically

I have no problems whatsoever giving an athlete or client a 2:1 or even 3:1 ratio of sets for left versus right side training. Yes, you read that right. It all starts with how the body is naturally asymmetrical.

26 Oct: Investing in your Health – Where are your Priorities?

I have often received the question: "Why do you and other trainers charge the price you do for personal training? Isn't $200 a month a lot?" My services are not cheap.‚Äč "Cheap" has a negative connotation to it that gives an impression of poor quality and short-term benefit.

19 Oct: A Global Approach to Knee Pain

In order for a global approach for long-term results, I'm concerned with three areas: The pelvis, the tibia, and even the ribcage.
help for shoulder pain

11 Oct: Shoulder Pain – It’s Probably Not Your Shoulder

Many physical therapists, trainers, and doctors will look at your shoulder when you have pain there. They will prescribe "rotator cuff" strengthening exercises, shoulder capsule stretches, and tell you to take time off. However, this is a limited and unfortunately short-sighted approach for fixing shoulder pain in the long run.
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05 Oct: Urinary Incontinence – The Real Fix

Female urinary incontinence is a serious, real, and widespread problem that not many trainers are talking about.
how to improve flexibility

03 Aug: A Different Approach For Improving Flexibility

how to improve balance

27 Jul: Why We Must Have A Relationship With The Ground


27 Jul: Pain Explained – How our Natural Asymmetry Drives Dysfunction